Thursday, November 20, 2014


Pete (aka Peg Leg Pete) will be here soon and I will need some help taking him around and getting pictures of him in his visit to Dubai. A Facebook page has been created for his adventures and we have been asked to host Peg Leg Pete for a brief time so that the children (young and older) in his home church can see the world through his eyes when he finally makes it home.
I am excited for Peg Leg Pete as I just spoke with one of our pilots and he has agreed to let Peg Leg Pete ride in the cockpit when he next travels to the US.  A few pictures will be great.
If you have an interest in helping Peg Leg get around town so he can have pictures of the vast things Dubai offers, please let me know. I am waiting for the itinerary of his arrival. His departure date is flexible since we are getting his return flight discounted.
Oh... Click his name at the end of this sentence if you have an interest in checking out the adventures of Peg Leg Pete.

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