Saturday, November 22, 2014


As a pastor not every sermon I preach will be polished and presented with a professional aura. It is possible that more will be described as not meeting the ideal above then meeting it. Then there are some sermons that God just surprises me in the way He uses it in the lives of His people. This past Friday was one of those days.  Don't get me wrong... The outline (shown below) was well worked out in my mind and the context was settled from hours of preparation. The context of the passage is one that I wondered how well it would apply to the wonderful people of EBCI. All I see from the lives of my EBCIers is a love for others. What I did not expect was for God to open my eyes to a greater love pouring out of my EBCIers. Thank you my dear family for the love you demonstrate towards God and others. Please note that the previous comment has nothing to do with people telling me they appreciated the message but that God had spoken to them and challenged them to love those who are missing God's love.

The following outline, IMPO, does not present the depth of where God took us in His Word. It is just an outline God gave me to help me keep my thoughts together and an outline to help you remember easier.


v. 11 – the key for understanding this passage. – love on another – something we should be aware of since this truth has been with us since our coming to Christ.

1 - Love is missing among the LOST – v. 12
              - EVIL – of evil intent, nature
              - INDIFFERENT – Those whose heart refuse the things of Truth
                             - RIGHTEOUS – approved and acceptable of God – for doing right

2 - Love is missing among the LOATHING – v. 13-15
              - PHYSICAL – Does not love - siblings
              - SPIRITUAL – Hates – in Christ

3 - Love is missing among the LAZY - v. 16-18
              - NO EFFORT – Sees his brother in need - We are to love in DEED
              - NO EMPATHY – Shuts up his heart – We are to love in TRUTH


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