Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Everything before me was a haze. The beautiful architecture of the sky reaching buildings in Dubai were blurred due to the swirling winds and seasonal changes as they shift from one to the other. Even the closer I got to the cloud touching buildings, the dry mist of sand and dust continue to reduce the scene before me into nothing more than a distorted picture of what they can look like. I can think of no rational reason someone would think a blurred city view would look better than one of clarity and awe.

This coming Friday, we will be continuing our journey through 1 John. We will dig into verses 11-18 and discover 3 specific places where God says love is missing. Love, one of the strongest emotions known to man shows itself through people. We all know people who long to be loved… hope to be loved… weep for someone to love them… We all know people who demonstrate love towards others that we wish we could express that depth of love also.

The next verse beyond our passage for Friday states… “We love because He first loved us.”

I want to encourage you today to find ways to bask in the love and goodness of God… To seek Him in how you can take the love you enjoy from Him and share it with others… To intentionally tell someone (who you would not normally tell) you love them and are glad they are a part of your life (friend – church member – coworker…).

Three little words – I LOVE YOU – when spoken from a heart that radiates love will be received with appreciation and gladness. Do not wait for someone to tell you, I encourage you to make the first move. It might make a better day for the person you express this to.

Praying that God would remove any haze from our eyes so we can see others as God sees them... Someone to be loved.


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