Sunday, November 30, 2014


Not by our own doing but all for the praise and glory of God. EBCI is blessed, not because we deserve blessings but because we have a God who loves to bless His children.

Yesterday after worship, we had the first business meeting since I became the pastor. There were a lot of important reports and items to be dealt with. Let me use this space to mention the ones that stand out to this pastor.

1 - I signed a covenant with EBCI. This was a blessing as it not only presented my commitment to the church but was also a commitment from the church to support me in the God called role as Pastor.

2 - AND... We elected 4 new deacons. These men were of different ages and nationalities (India (2), Figi, Malaysia). These men are excited yet humbled at the opportunity to serve God. These men will have pastoral care oversight of the church family... they will be great servant leaders... they will be prayer warriors for the pastor, the church and God's Kingdom work here at EBCI

3 - AND... AND... We voted on some wonderful people to fill some of the needed vacancies in our ministry chart.

4 - AND... AND... AND... We voted in 20 new members (2 of which were Pam and I). This is a little less than 1/2 of the applications we have received and are working through. This number does not represent those who have been interviewed and are waiting baptism.

The church is now decorated for Christmas (sorry guys...I had one of the step ladders at my apartment being used to hang curtains). The first day of football (not USA football) was a great day for our men and teens. What a great bunch of guys. (There are pictures on my FB page taken by Domingo V. of both these events).
On a personal note... The number of family and friends at EBCI who weekly stop me and simply ask that I will pray for them, right then and right there is greater than any other time in my ministry. I am deeply humbled and greatly blessed that you would ask this of me. Praying with my fellow saints for a sick stomach, a mother daughter relationship, a family member involved in masonry, a new car, a check being used to further someones  ministry opportunity, the need for a job... The list goes on. Then to hear back from these people about the answered prayer. Drugs couldn't get me this high. I am so excited.

I will post the sermon outline tomorrow. For now, I will be thanking God for you and your love of God and your heart to be at EBCI.

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