Sunday, November 16, 2014



Beginning today, the weekly "Java with Jon" newsletter will be sent as a link to this page. The link will probably be directly tied to the newest post. There will be some visual changes to this page as Pam and I fine tune it to best fit the ministry of encouragement we want to share with you.

When something is posted by Pam and me, individually or together, we will share that link on FB. For those not on FB, there is a subscription link you can sign up to have any and all new posts sent to your email. Our hope is to streamline the process of getting information out to you more than once a week, if needed.

Comments are always welcome BUT... they will be moderated. I have had my Java with Jon blog for a long time and before I moderated comments, the comment section got overran with a lot of negative comments and some inappropriate links. What this means is that if you comment directly to the blog, your comment will not appear immediately. I will get an email telling me there is a comment for moderation and after I check it out, I will release the comment, if appropriate.

Tomorrow or Tuesday I will be posting an entry on prayer (you do not want to miss this). It will take you on a personal journey your pastor took recently only to walk away a better believer as a result.

For this entry post, I want to challenge you to share a creative thought to describe the picture I am using in this post. Keep it encouraging and reflective of the nature of God.

I will also be closing down the Dubai Days blog and moving those things, I would post there, to this blog.

For all who take time to stop and read this blog, thank you. I hope you walk away encouraged and with a better understanding of how blessed we are.

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