Monday, December 1, 2014


I have shared the biblical definition of carnality. It is when a saved person lives like a lost person. This is different that the world's definition. Used in a cultural /worldly sense, it usually refers to something sexual in nature. My purpose for this post is to tell a story of God stepping up and keeping me humbled and not making a carnal decision.

Recently I was driving to the church and was in the turn lane on Al Athar Street turning onto Jumeirah Road. There suddenly appeared a Mercedes Benz SUV merging into my lane. Not in front of me but into me. I know this person knew I was there and I surmised that they had a desire to turn and they were running out of room so merging into my lane, where I was driving, was the best option they could think of.

I hit my brakes (I DID NOT honk my horn) and watch the SUV slide in front of me with maybe a millimeter to spare so that we did not collide. At this moment, I decided to do something that was not right. I decided I was going to politely pass this SUV and slide in front of him hoping to judge it correctly so there was little room to spare and this person would know how they made me feel. I was going to get even.

Let me be very clear... This is a picture of carnality as demonstrated in scripture. This is a decision the world without Christ would make but it is not one a follower of Christ should make. We need to always leave a Christian witness, not an "I got my way" testimony.

So... What caused me to not act out what I determined to do? I give God the credit. He used something right in front of me to cause me to think about my pending actions.

I looked at the SUV license plate and it had a single digit number. Now, I do not know what that means here in Dubai but in the states,a single digit number is of someone of governmental prestige... Someone of importance...

I immediately thought what if this car is being driven by someone who could cause me problems... someone who could make a negative spectacle of me in a city where I need to be a positive witness...

The Lord... He is good.

I settled down and lifted a praise to God. Not only did I not do something stupid, I did not do something that could negatively tell the world that Christians are just like non-Christians. We are different. We are Christian.That means something and for this story being a Christian means we must do all that is possible to not be carnal.

Brothers and Sisters...Pay attention. People are watching and we need to be seen for what we are -Christian.

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