Thursday, May 28, 2015


It would be difficult to argue against the fact that social media is changing the world. Also we must realize that this form of information can be used for good or bad. My purpose is to use it for good and to be a blessing to those who choose to read. My hope is that such an approach will encourage others to want to know more and be involved in such a great opportunity, when available. 

For this first blog entry (probably the longest that will be on this blog), I just want to inform the nature of my approach and let you know of one of the ways we will be getting information out.

One of the principles for growth is letting people know what is going on. I am turning the corner on this blog to be about missions and the journeys God takes me on. 

Two things that will cause (always a cause and effect happening) is: 

1 - that this blog will be more focused on that service which God has birthed in my a deep love and excitement about. 
2 - this blog will not be posted to on regularly due to the gap of mission involvement and travel I will be able to take advantage of.

I will be presenting the opportunities for all missional opportunities of EBCI when times of travel is planned and then share along the way (if WiFi is available) the events as they unfold.

Whenever there is a new posting, I will link it on my FB page so any who might be interested can check it out.

Also, I lost all my old pictures due to a virus recently so I do not have any of former mission trips. If anyone from my old stomping grounds has some pictures of mission trips we were involved in together, I would love to have them and share them. Just send them my way.

A youth trip is being planned for this summer to return to Kolkata. Commitments to this trip need to happen quickly. God is so good.


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