Monday, December 28, 2015


I have never met a Christian that does not think of heaven in a positive way. We all, as believers, look forward to going there and spending the eternity of our existence. I am excited about heaven. I like what the Bible teaches us about heaven.

1 – Heaven is a real place – John 14:1-3
2 – Heaven is God’s dwelling place – Psalms 33:13
3 – Heaven is where Christ is today- Acts 1:11
4 – Heaven is where Christians go to die – Philippians 1:21-23
5 – Heaven is the Father’s house – John 14:2
6 – Heaven is a city designed and built by God – Hebrews 11:10
7 – Heaven is a better country – Hebrews 11:16
8 – Heaven is Paradise – Luke 23:43

So, I think it is safe to say that heaven is an important place to God and should be to His people.

Yet, with all the good things we can say and learn about heaven, which we ought to say and learn, I find myself asking… Do I find that heaven is more alluring than Jesus… the maker of heaven and earth… The Savior of our souls… The only begotten Son of God… The Prince of Peace… The Lamb that was slain… The Alpha and Omega… The Chief cornerstone…?

To answer this question I have to be totally honest with myself and not answer to ease my conscious. So let me ask myself three tough questions.

1 – Do I find it easier to talk about Heaven than talk about Jesus?
2 – Do I look forward to heaven for eternity than I do Jesus for eternity?
3 – Are the benefits of my salvation more exciting to me than the benefactor?

I am not sure if I can answer any of these questions with a different response. If the first question is a yes, then wouldn’t all be yes?

A few things I was reminded about Heaven as I was being challenged…

1 – Heaven was created, it was not always here.
2 – Heaven did not die for me or offer  me salvation.
3 – Heaven is a great place I need to keep in perspective but there is no heaven without Jesus, though we can have a Jesus without heaven.

If I place anything (not just Heaven) in my life in front of Jesus I am placing my life and those I am called to lead and impact in jeopardy (whether a pastor, husband, father...). I want my family to go to heaven for sure but that cannot happen without Jesus in their lives. I cannot give them Heaven, that is what Jesus gives (John 14). I can give them Jesus, for this is the privilege I have as His Ambassador.

I am glad to be a part of a church where Jesus is a priority but I must not and we must not let apathy creep in and take over. I know I am vulnerable to such things so I must therefore be equipped to live in this world not of this world. Pray for me as I commit tto pray for you concerning this.

HEAVEN… I cannot wait to get there for it is there I get to see Jesus, forever, face to face.

Face to face with Jesus… Now that’s Heaven.

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