Monday, January 18, 2016


When God says He will do a new thing (Isaiah 43:19), doesn’t that contradict what He states in Ecclesiastes 1:9 - That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun.?

I do not see a contradiction when we understand the context, especially of the Isaiah passage in harmony with the whole of scripture. Maybe the best way to read this can be… I will do a new thing (new to you) - Isaiah 43:19.

This NEW THING may be explained through a new experience. 

Something that other people have experienced but you have not. An example would be marriage. When I got married, it was not a new thing to many people but it was a new thing to me. Reality hit when I now had to live not only for myself (and Jesus) but for myself (and Jesus) and Pam. I had seen many married people, my parents were married… I understood what it meant to live married (HAHAHAHAHA!!!). On August 2, 1980 a NEW THING from God connected to my life and everything about it was a new experience.


This NEW THING may be explained through a NEW WAY OF THINKING...

I was raised in a Christian home and in the Baptist church. My worldview was well established and firmly planted. I knew the Bible well. I knew church life well. I was a good person with no hidden secrets in my closet. I was a preacher’s kid… a faithful church attender… I knew the beloved hymns… I was polite… I was going to heaven (How could I not be with the pedigree I just listed). When it came to things eternal, I was ok, or so I thought. God had to show me my thinking was in error and that I needed to begin thinking differently. In 1969, I changed my thinking to the fact that I was a sinner lost and undone, needing forgiveness and salvation. In 1969, a NEW THING from God happened and my whole way of thinking changed and I made the decision to give Christ my life.


This NEW THING may be explained through a NEW WAY OF LIVING.

Too many years, even as a young Christian, were wasted in living for myself. I know I sat through more church services and said my share of AMEN’s to a sermon point without it ever impacting my life outside the walls of the church. God had every right to do whatever necessary to get my attention. He did. He stopped me in my tracks… put me flat on my back… took both my knees out… gave me a limp (daily reminder)… that my life and how I lived it did not belong to me and my whims but Him and His purpose for me. In 1987, A NEW THING From God brought me to the point I followed Him and not me. I left the things I did well and entered into the life of the preacher / teacher (something which was not a natural fit). I had to change my way of living and being a preacher / pastor is much different than any other ministry role in the church.


I urge you my beloved to not seek to define or have certain expectations concerning the NEW THING God will be sending but live in excited anticipation of it. He will do a NEW THING… He has promised. I will close with this…


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