Monday, January 11, 2016


Some years ago the church I was pastoring held its traditional revival services week. For this 4 day event, I had invited my dad to be the visiting preacher. For those who knew my dad, know what a treat this would be for any who would attend. My dad was a gifted preacher / teacher who God used mightily in the lives of many people for decades. During this revival meeting, my dad made the following comment.

“It is possible for God to pour out a Holy Spirit Revival upon this church or any church and there can be people in attendance who would not recognize it.”

Ponder that thought for a few moments before going on.

{Que theme music to the final Jeopardy song}

I hope the comment above caused you to stop and think about such a possibility. For me, it was hard to fathom that God Himself could show up… hand out a powerful “anything” among His people… and everyone in attendance would not know God just did something. Two thousand years ago, God planted His only Son among His chosen people (Israel) and not only did many miss the reality of that moment, many lived to eradicate that moment… that person (Christ) from existence. So we know God can do a big thing in the midst of His very own people and it be missed.

This past Friday, I preached from Isaiah 43:18-19 (the sermon outline is at the end of this posting). Thinking of what I stated above concerning revival… I believe it applies equally to God doing a NEW THING. God can do a NEW THING right before our eyes and we can miss it if we are not looking for it, prepared for it and anticipating it.

I am asking that you add to your daily prayer list the cry for God to do a NEW THING.

Also take into account (not in the sermon Friday), that if we are going to experience the NEW THING as God desires is to, we must follow v. 18 completely.  I will be addressing this thought each month in one of my Monday Musings. Feel free to comment… ask questions… send encouragement to your brothers and sisters in Christ.


Isaiah 43:19 – 3 questions and 2 promises

Behold, I will do a new thing,
Are we ready to receive what God wants to give?
Now it shall spring forth;
Are we ready to receive what God wants to give… when God wants to give it?
Shall you not know it?
Are we ready to accept what God wants to give… when God wants to give it… no matter what it is?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
He promises to make the way…
And rivers in the desert.
He promises to be the way?


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