Thursday, January 21, 2016


Days like tomorrow do not happen often but when they do, we are blessed to be a part of the lives of others as they are being set aside for service to the Lord. The whole service has been planned to recognize God's hand upon one of our own to serve Him, through EBCI as a Deacon. In doing this we want to: 1) Give glory to God for His personal calling upon His people, 2) Celebrate as a church family the love of God to call out such men to serve you as they follow Christ, 3) Unite as a church family upon the Word of God as we recognize and support those individuals He selects from among us to serve as a Deacon.

Make sure you join us tomorrow for this day of praise and celebration. Be in prayer for Seun, Doris and the boys as being a Deacon affects the whole family.

Seun, I am proud of you and look forward to the many ways we can serve alongside each other - loving the great people of EBCI and touching the city God has set us in. God is at work at EBCI and is going to be doing a NEW THING and you are a part of that. We are blessed to have you.

Friends and family across the globe, be in prayer for us as we grow in Christ which helps us grow in love for one another, which helps us all stand more solidly upon the firm foundation of Jesus Christ.

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