Monday, January 4, 2016


The first Monday of 2016. The first Monday article of 2016.  The first opportunity to encourage, through my words, the people I love so dearly. The pressure is on.

With that said… I am privileged to pastor a people who have already demonstrated they are a greater blessing to me than I ever could be to them. This fact makes me want, even more, to always encourage and equip my church family. For this to happen, I must deal with a few personal struggles. The greatest struggle is being away from my church family for any extended time. In my ministry history, I cannot think of a time when I missed two Sundays in a row. Not that such a thing is wrong but this way of life has disciplined me to enjoy and respect my church family more and enjoy the time we have together greater.

With that said… I have now missed two Fridays and I “feel” weird. I know I must not base what is right or wrong on “feelings” but on truth. And the truth is… God is more than capable of taking care of that which He has called me to serve, when I am not there. The future success of EBCI does not rest on this pastor or any pastor but on the very person of Jesus Christ.

With that said… God does expect me to serve faithfully and invest my life into the lives of those I shepherd. Having a sovereign God does not shrink my biblical responsibility to fulfill that which I have been called to accomplish. One of the great realities in this thought, I have come to appreciate, is I do not walk alone… I have a great church family in EBCI that makes fulfilling my calling much easier. Thank you… Thank you.

With that said… I look forward to being with you this coming Friday. We arrive back in the country on Thursday and will be ready to go (we will see if jet lag hits) for AWANA that night. The message for Friday will come from Isaiah 43:19. I wrote about this earlier and want to use it as the challenge to my church as we face 2016 together. Take time to look at it again and begin asking God to show you great truths through His precious Word.

With that said… I miss you and love you!

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