Monday, February 1, 2016


THE GOSPEL PROJECT… I praise God for the first three months of the Gospel Project, for those who volunteer to lead it and the many who come to support each Friday at 9:15. Like anything else in life, when introducing something new (especially when it deals with a greater administrative and volunteer base) fine tuning will have to be done. I am so glad there are only a few minor adjustments we will be making to have this discipleship making ministry the most effective it can be at EBCI. One of the most exciting things we will be adding to the mix is my involvement in the teaching on Fridays. I will be taking the oversight for the next three Fridays as we wait for the arrival of our curriculum. This past Friday, we had a Q&A day and I had the privilege of taking some of the questions and making a teaching lesson out of them. ON A SIDE NOTE… I love teaching and have missed the opportunity to teach on a weekly basis (preaching is not the same thing as teaching). I am not taking over the adult class but I am excited about stepping into the rotation to teach. Another aspect of the Gospel Project I love is that we have a classes for people of any age. We cover child care for those 5 and under and have a structured Gospel Project Class for ages 6 – to 100+. So we have a place for you and anyone in your family. Make plans to join us on Fridays at 9:15.

PREACHING / TEACHING… These two disciplines are close relatives but are not the same. It is usually more acceptable if a preacher teaches but not as acceptable if a teacher preaches. The differences are important to understand. I know I have been called to preach and teach His word according to His giftedness in my. I also know that I have been blessed to do one more than the other since I have been at EBCI. Even with this blessing, I miss the exercising of that other gift God gave me to use for Him… That is the gift of teaching. I wish I could express the excitement I have to you concerning the upcoming opportunities to teach on Friday. I can say that I hope you will join me as I take the helm and teach the adult Friday School for a few weeks. One thing I can assure you if you allow me to teach you is that you will see me in a whole different light. My personality (humor [funny or not], interaction with individuals, getting others involved…) will show more than I could ever demonstrate while preaching. You will actually get to know your pastor better through his teaching than through his preaching. Both are necessary and both have their place. Come on out this Friday and check out your teaching pastor.

TRAVEL OPPORTUNITY… Travel with your pastor to Kolkata. Though the dates have not been finalized, we should be traveling in .June. We have been announcing the opportunity on Fridays and I want to take this space to personally invite you to prayerfully consider going with us for a week of blessing. Be praying for our 180 group as we want to take as many of our youth on this trip as possible. We want to give them the opportunity and experience to work with and help those in great need. If you cannot go but would like to sponsor one or more of our youth, talk to me in private. Your support can be what becomes a blessing to yourself and another. During this trip we will work with several different groups. Some will be from the medical field, to children in the communities, to youth in the evenings. Pam and I traveled early last year and the impression upon us and the blessing within us continues to impact us positively. As your pastor, I would love to invite you to be a part of this life changing trip. ON A SIDE NOTE… If any of my US friends would like to consider joining us, email me and I can send you the particulars. One thing we will see while there is the church William Carey founded and God used to reach the masses in India. We will probably stop by the church where Mother Theresa served. Check out our taxi (picture above) to the stand-up boat where we crossed the river to the medical clinic. You cannot get experience like this by staying home.

A NEW THING… I word this section carefully, I am so thankful that God continues to work and
does so right in front of our eyes. In recent weeks we have seen God take ordinary people and do extra ordinary things through them. In the recent weeks heaven has gained a beautiful new daughter and the return of a straying child. From elation to celebration… from tears of joy to shouts of praise we remain a blessed people with reason to rejoice. I ask you to keep a lookout for the NEW THINGS God is doing around you and share them with me when you can.

You cannot stay where you are and go with God. You cannot continue doing things your way and accomplish God's purpose in His ways. Your thinking cannot come close to God's thoughts. For you to do the will of God, you must adjust your life to Him, His purposes, and His ways --- Henry Blackaby

A NEW THING… Is it worth the cost? I say yes. What say ye?

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