Thursday, March 31, 2016


You do not want to miss tomorrow. As we pick back up on the "YOUR CALL" sermon series, I will be preaching on Philippians 4:1-13. I have titled the message "Living a Life of Rejoicing". I want us to discover some simple truths which will help us live above Spiritual Mediocrity and live blessed, as God intend.

I shared a question someone asked me a few years back and it continues to cause me to stop and consider my life and how I live it. Here is that question...

Do I really believe what I believe is really real?

Ask yourself that question then read the 13th verse of Phil 4 (pictured to the left).

As Believers, we need to rise to the occasion of living above our best efforts and giving God the glory for every push / helping hand / reminder He gives to succeed.

We also have Communion tomorrow. I love our Fridays with Communion. Make sure you are with us to partake in this event as we remember that which Jesus did for us.

Church-Wide Picture Day. Next Friday (not tomorrow), we will be taking a picture right after church and we want everyone who is here that day to join us. This picture will be put in the 20th Anniversary Book we are working on and will be available to each family in June. Let's all plan on making next Friday a full house Friday.

Looking for Ideas. The basketball game went so well - great support - great fun - great fellowship. We need to do more of these type of church-wide events. If you have an idea for something, write it down and give it to me. If it can work, we will do what we can to plan, schedule and promote.

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