Monday, April 11, 2016

APRIL 11, 2016

April 11, 2016


Are you up to the challenge? Will you join EBCI on one of her mission projects? Will you go with the Pastor and others to experience a life altering blessing? Will you say yes to God and go with us as we continue to see God expand our call and open doors to reach our world? That is a lot of questions but they are serious and we need God's people to rise up and go with us to the locations God has called. Listed below are opportunities we are scheduling... begin praying and asking God to show you where He is at work and is inviting you to join Him. The following projects are available...

  • Kolkata - A mission project where we will work with kids... youth... a medical missions clinic and more. A lot of great work in just over a weeks time. Air Fare: AED 2,384.00 (as of 07 APR 2016)... E-Tourist Visa: US $39... Pocket Money: AED 300-500 (safe) AED 500-1,000 (if you are going to do some shopping)... Application Forms must be filled-up by 30 APR 2016
  • East Berlin - This is dependant upon Bruce and Mary Boeckel arriving on the field in East Berlin and being set to receive a team to help themkick start their new work. Please pick up their prayer card from the church foyer.
  • Bangladesh 2017 - This trip will be scheduled for Feburary 2017 during the school holiday. This trip will include our giving oversight and lead in their annual Pastors Retreat... Hold a Pastor's wife Retreat... Lead their annual youth camp. We need a group of 15+ persons above the age of 17 for this project. Younger teens can come but will take part in the camp and not be a leader. That role will be a mission opportunity  role as you build relationships with these great young people. The cost will be your Air Fare and any spending money


We have scheduled a retreat for this fall which, through our prayers and God's leadership, EBCI will experience a weekend of transformation and renewal. This is being scheduled believing that God will continue to build upon the wonderful things He is already doing among us.

Gary Willett (pictured) is a dear friend to the Estes family and has arrainged to be with us and lead a weekend retreat -- July 29 - October 2. I will be sharing more about Gary as we draw closer to that event. Until then and after, pray for Gary as he prepares to be used of God. Pray for his wife Tracy as she serves as the wife of this Pastor and on mission preacher / teacher.

Gary, we are already excited and praying for you. Please ask your church family to begin praying every day from now until then for an outpouring of grace and glory... For God to use you as never before. I'll be in touch.


This Sunday's message is the sixth sermon in a seven sermon series. The subject matter was submitted by Gladson. The subject he submitted is... WORSHIP... From Genesis to Revelation. This ought to be good, if I can figure out how to cover 66 books in less than 60 minutes.

Actually, I am looking forward to this and God has already set some thoughts in motion and brought His word to my heart to build this message off of.

I want to set before you today the challenge to bring a friend to church with you on Friday. The message on worship will be directed primarily to the church but there is an evangelistic message in the whole principle of worship that your unchurched friends need to hear.

Be praying for this coming message. I love you EBCI.

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