Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Ephesians 6:14b – Put on the breastplate of righteousness

I have never been so excited about a sermon series and the fresh approach God is allowing me to take to share His word with you. The training and influence I have had in preaching has done me well and has grown me in so many ways. I love and will continue to go through a book of the Bible but there will be added into the mix series of sermons which will pull a specific teaching or subject in scripture and build the sermon on that.

This is what God is doing right now. The sermons will be expository. If you want to know what this means, check out this LifeWay article written by Dr. Wayne McDill, my preaching professor from seminary.

This Friday we will be dissecting the second piece of armor - The Breastplate of Righteousness. One thing we will learn is that the Biblical truth behind the breastplate is more than a protector of the chest but a picture of life and how to make the heart right so God is free to give you victory over what you are daily battling – based on TRUTH.

The Lord has given us the picture of a suit of armor. The people when this letter was written understood this type of language and probably saw Roman men in armor often as they went in and out of the cities in their daily lives. They, more than likely could grasp the reality of such military wear. Today we must accept the following when trying to understand passages such as the one we will be covering in this series. The first TRUTH I will be sharing with you tomorrow will be...


We will be digging into the deeper meaning of the Breastplate of Righteousness with the intent of presenting a practical application for each of us to transform us into the believers we were saved to be... To show us how we can live victoriously rather than in defeat. To show us we can live in confidence rather than worry. 

We will have some of our people traveling tomorrow as the weekend is a holiday. If you are not traveling, please make being at church a priority, not for the sake of numbers or your pastors ego but for the opportunity to fellowship and be challenged to live daily in victory.

On another note...

I will be out of the office tomorrow for a medical procedure. The Drs promised it would take no more than 3 hours of my time. It will not keep me from church tomorrow, nor quench my excitement of what God is doing in the life of the church and in my life.

On another note - part 2...

This Friday, May 6 is EBCI's 20th anniversary. We will recognize this on Friday but will celebrate the milestone with an after church lunch. More information will follow in an email so please be looking for it.

On another note - part 3...

On May 27, we will be having baptism. The detailed information for that will be given out during church.

On another note - part 4...

Please remember and consider joining us as we travel to Kolkata in late June. For more detailed information, send me an email. It is going to be a great trip.

On another note - part 5...

If I have not told you lately, I love you - my church. Thank you for allowing me the joy of being your pastor.

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