Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Shod your feet with the Gospel of Peace...

Armor Up…

In the third installment of the Armor of God sermon series, I will be looking at the third piece of armor, the “Shoes of the Gospel of Peace”. As a reminder, this is the third piece of attire and the last that says we have (possess) and cannot go out into the world without. We see this in the use of the verb have / having used in presenting them. We have the Belt of Truth… We have the Breastplate of Righteousness… We have the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace.

The Roman soldier, in their armor, would be shod with footwear that was designed for the battle. These shoes / sandals were tough… built to last… take the abuse of a soldier. On the bottom of them would be cleats. These cleats were there to help the soldier stand firm against the battle which they were fighting. The spiritual lesson is that we are to stand firm in the storms of life and know that true peace is our when we stand cinched with Truth and have the Breastplate of Righteousness properly in place, knowing that “greater is He that is in  than he that is in this world”. When the enemy begins attacking more fiercely to see you fail in living completely for Jesus, we need to know the battle is the Lord’s. We need to hang onto the Truth of God’s Word and experience the “peace that passes all understanding”.

As much as I love this current series, I hate to think that we only have 3 or 4 sermons left until we move on. I am seeking the Lord’s direction on what to do next. I am looking at some things on the Names of God. I have never preached specifically on the names of God but I have studied this topic over the years and have always been blessed by the descriptive nature of the names He has. Please pray for me as I see now what to begin in 4 weeks.

Medical stuff… My surgical procedure went well last week. I am cancer free (though this was not the intent of the procedure, being told that was an additional blessing I gladly received). It seems, and I will find out for sure Sunday, that one more surgery will be needed to bring the infection stuff to an end. I am at peace. It would be sad to study on the Gospel of Peace and then allow myself to be at odds with God’s truth on the subject. Join me in knowing there is peace in Jesus. Whatever you may be facing, medically – emotionally – relationally – in work – in family – in play… Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

Small Groups... Make sure you check out a small group this week. Connect now before the summer break and get to know your church family in a more personal way. Contact me today by email and let me tell you where the closest one to you is.

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