Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Battle is real... The Armor is ours...

THANK YOU… For the kind and encouraging words concerning the messages on The Armor of God. I have never been so thrilled about a sermon series as this one. In its preparation and delivery, I have found a freshness God has been wanting me to experience. I need this freshness. I need it more for the present than the past. I need it more for the daily battle than the historical ones. Please pray that the battle I face daily will be won on God’s terms by God’s means. Please pray that I have the wisdom of Solomon, the tenacity of Paul and the heart of Christ.

Is the enemy of God working overtime to wear you down? Is he telling you lies that you want to be
true because you are tired and just want temporary peace? Are you thinking about giving up… throwing in the towel… accepting defeat because it seems the easiest and best way to stop the warring?

Fighting spiritual battles is not easy, God never said it would be. He did though promise He would provide the means by which we can have victory. Do we believe Him? Will we fight on, even if it seems we will fail? Will we trust Him for the future we cannot see? Will we be willing to be less so He can be more?

The Armor of God is the theme of the messages on Friday, currently.  This week we will be looking at the Helmet of Salvation… or better, the Helmet that is Salvation. Are you facing life’s difficulties wearing the armor correctly or just hoping for the best? Join us on Fridays and let God speak to you and guide you to daily victory.

One of my greatest desires, as your Pastor is to stretch you in your thinking and behaving. It would be fair to say, I am more interested in the final product God wants you to be, than the current product you are. One day, according to scripture, I will stand before God, not only to give account for my life but for every person I have pastored, while I pastored them.

It is as if, I will have to stand by the gate of heaven as you enter and the Lord will tell me if I pastored well or not so well. If I stretched you for His name sake or let you drift along just to get along. Pray that I do the first of the two options.

It’s not about me… Pastor Jon

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