Tuesday, October 11, 2016


It started out weird. Heading to work, the horns where blowing, the people pulling out in front of you was at an all-time high, those who drive to fast seemed to be everywhere, those who are impatient at others like myself are just trying to maneuver without hitting something. I wondered if this was what my whole Tuesday was going to be like. THEN… I exited the parking garage at my apartment and things were much calmer. A bit of humor to start this blog with.

We were in our first week since we enjoyed a powerful and challenging conference charging us to be a Disciple making Church. God continues to present Himself to me, as Pastor, to lead EBCI into a greater place. I admit, I do not know exactly what that place looks like but I want to be there. I want to have the faith to step outside the box I am comfortable in and BE more for Jesus as I conform to BE more like Jesus. I know there is more for us and I want you to join me as we discover more of God and less of us. May He increase and we decrease.

God did something. Something that began many weeks before the conference started. Something which God planted decades ago in the early days of my ministry. God used this conference to not only remind me of that seed planted but that the opportunity to see that seed sprout… blossom and bloom… creating more seeds for others.

Reality – As I get older and see that I am closer to the end of life here than my beginnings, I understand more fully the need to fight the good fight of faith. The need to not fit into culture but to win the people of this modern culture to the unchanging Lord Jesus.

Family – We are at a point in our life as a church where we need to Thank God for the blessings HE has given and the reality that He has made EBCI a great church. We also need to seek God for His guiding hand to build upon what He has built to make EBCI an even greater church.

Opportunity – I need your prayers as I wrestle with what is of God and what is not when it comes to the next step in being a transformational church, which is in the process of being transformed. As I was working on the message for Friday, Matt said something… that caused me to check out something… which led me to listen to something… which will be shared Friday. This “thing” Is like the cherry on top of the sundae, icing on the cake (I’ll stop there with the metaphors, its making me hungry).

Testimony – When anyone begins to focus on their health and lose weight, they go through different feelings. Victory – weight loss. Defeat – no weight loss or even weight gain.  Stagnation – that point where you plateau and it’s hard to be motivated. You know you must press on… Have the stamina… Not give up… The end goal is worth the internal conflict and battle. As a believer, we also find that our success is in being obedient to Jesus. The results of our obedience are in His hands, not ours. When we take control, we mess up. When we surrender, and follow Him, we find the success which honors Him.

Let’s get together on the same plan (the biblical one) and get excited about being a Disciple making church. I am ready… Are you?

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