Sunday, November 13, 2016

I stand in AWE of GOD... for HE answers prayer

Every day since our multiply conference I have been asking God how we are to be trained correctly. One thing I knew was... God did not use Gary to share with us part of this strategy to make disciples which shows us the biblical mandate to reach the nations for Christ so that we could continue business as usual. I began praying to God and seeking godly counsel concerning the next step of obedience. I spoke with Gary wondering if God would bring him to EBCI for a few years to train us. Being interested in such an arraignment is not what drives Me or Gary. God's will is supreme. Yet, time is of the essence. Making plans are good. Seeking God's will must lead the way in our search. Asking God what to do and how to proceed is biblical. Trusting God is calming.

My prayer... Lord, what do we do now? How can I lead these people in that which I am not trained?
1 - Do You want me to go and be trained?
2 - Do You want EBCI to hire Gary and let him teach us?
3 - Do You want us to proceed or wait?
4 - Please show me before any excitement wears off.

The Lord promised a new thing (sermon from January 9, 2016) for this year and it is unfolding.

ANSWERED PRAYER... This Friday I had lunch with a wonderful couple who want to be a part of EBCI. They have a passion to reach the nations... making Disciples which make Disciples... doing it as a lifestyle while training others in what they have been trained. They are trained in the 4 fields strategy. They are here to help other believers learn and live the strategy we were introduced to in our Multiply Conference.


There is more to the story and I hope I shared enough to excite and encourage you to find your place in actively being a part of the vision God has given us.

Let me know if you want to go through the Gospel of Mark investment in each other study. I am out of notebooks but we will be putting more together this week. If you can help with this, let me know. Lots of notebooks to be filled... Papers sorted... Holes punched... Sorting and finalizing the work.


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