Thursday, December 1, 2016

Merry Christmas


This is one of my most favorite times of the year. Not because of the presents given and received but the promises given and received. It was through this one “Divine Action” that mankind has the privilege to know, first hand, the Savior of lost humanity. We have the ability to receive that which we cannot produce on our own, nor is it something we can earn.

Of all the cultural talk about Christmas gifts, the gift of God becoming man (Emmanuel) will always top the Christmas gifts offered. Sadly, it is also the one gift that is too often rejected. I will not spend time giving my opinion as to why I think it is this way… but I must say that rejecting this gift has eternal consequences.

What do I want for Christmas? What can you church family get me for Christmas this year? Before I tell you let me ask… If it is something you can afford… would you consider it more earnestly? If it is something that can make your Pastor a better Pastor and more encouraged… would you seriously consider getting this for me?

I do not remember when I have asked for something specific as a Pastor for Christmas from my church family. The reason I do not remember is because I never have asked my church family to get me anything. This year is different. That is because… you are different (in a very good way).

So, what does your Pastor want from you for Christmas? I want each of you to join me and others in being involved in the “Mark Initiative”. We have a good starting point but we currently have some 
people who want to be involved and they do not have someone to partner with yet. Will you give me an hour or so each week for 16 weeks to meet with a mentor, a peer, a friend and journey through the Gospel of Mark? Come grow with us.

If that is too much to ask for… I’ll take business class upgrades for Pam and I for each time we fly in 2017. Please choose the Mark Initiative, it produces better fruit. 

Merry Christmas.

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