Thursday, December 29, 2016

READING in 2017...

I am the son of one who was known as an avid reader. Growing up, I was the antithesis. Other things occupied my mind. When college entered into my life, reading became something I had to learn to do (not read in general but to have the discipline of reading – I could read). At first I did not like it because I felt I was being made to read and since I did not see the importance of it, I struggled with understanding the significance it offered.

So… college caused me read. In college I came to the point where I hated reading. THEN… God called me into full-time vocational ministry. I cannot tell you what other vocations demand upon one’s life but being in ministry demands reading. Reading a lot. A minister not only reads the Bible but reads commentaries, reads topical books on biblical subjects, reads “how to” books on being a better minister. We even read books that when done gave us no new insight or better understanding on what we were hoping to gain. Never the less, being in ministry demands that one read.

I am not sure if I can say I love reading but I can easily state that I appreciate reading. Where college caused me to read (a bah humbug attitude was present) … ministry called me to read (a glad to do this attitude was developed). There is a third element to reading, for me. Reading becoming more than something tied to my career but something cherished in my life. This type of reading is better described as “pleasure reading”. Before I go any further, let me confess… I do not do as much of this as I ought. I can give a dozen reasons but the bottom line is… I need to read more. I need to read books outside of my career focus and works that I find interesting.

So, what do I find interesting? I like books that deal with history. I like fictional works which captivate the mind and make me think – like a good mystery. I like biographies of important people who have made a difference in the world. These people do not have to be Christian. They could be a sports figure or a political figure or even a celebrity I admire. I like books that tell a story and keep my attention.

For 2017, one of the resolutions I am making is to read one book for pleasure each month. I then want to do a review of that book and post it for others to read. Why do that? Mainly because I want to develop my writing skills. Someone once said, “If you do not have the time to read you do not have the time or the tools to write.” I want to write a book. To do this, I need to start at the foundation of such a task and that is to read others who write and learn from their skill set.

First book for pleasure... Killing the Rising Sun - by Bill O'Reilly

2017 is going to be a great year.

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