Thursday, January 5, 2017


What do you have to lose?

Dealing one more Friday (for now) on the subject of surrender, we will be looking at the familiar passage from Genesis 22. In this passage, we find the story of Abraham taking Isaac to Mount Moriah to sacrifice. Abraham would probably be considered insane if he were to do this today. Was he insane? Was he hallucinating? Is the God who led him to do this worth following? Is God insane? What was God trying to prove?  What is God trying to say? Does it have any relevance for us today? These questions and more will be answered Friday (some indirectly but answered).

What we do discover from scripture is that Abraham did this because He was totally surrendered to God. Being totally surrendered to God is demonstrated by total obedience. Being in a state of total surrender is dependent upon several things. It is these things we will specifically address Friday, with the goal of looking at our life with Christ. Are we positioned to fully surrender?

Join us Friday and let's chjeck out God's word onthe matter.

A Word to me to share with you...

Friday's message is titled..."A Trip to Surrender Mountain"

Not wanting to give the full message away, let me whet your appetite. In verse 5 Abraham tells his men to wait there as he goes up the mountain to worship. Worship? Abraham’s plan was to sacrifice (kill) Isaac. Worship? How does one worship when he is getting ready to take a life? Worship is not dependent upon our behaviors or feelings but upon our obedient faith in God… a faith which leads to total surrender.ow does on e

Abraham was human like us. He had feelings like us. He loved his son, as we who have children love ours and who are children want to be loved. He was not some super human with abilities to surrender because He was different. He was able to surrender because he ________________________ (join us tomorrow and see how this is finished).

One of my favorite Christian singers is Witley Phipps. May the video bless you.


Whitley Phipps version of Amazing Grace

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