Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Who changed the name?

I did. Please know you can continue to use the old name.


I have a difficult enough time typing small words without typos, I am trying to make it easy on me.

Does a new name mean it will be different?

Yes and No. Yes because we ought to always be in the process of being mlded into the image of Christ. We all need to agree with Paul and say we have not yet been perfected (Phil 3 - I will preach on this Friday). NO because we still meet - still have same leaders - still have same goals...

Below are five thoughts I jotted down which |I want to share, hoping all of our Small Group Teams will benefit from.

Make your Small Group personal
This is a vital component to any Small Group that wants to multiply. The basic discipline for this comment is to know the names of the people who come.  Know them well so when they return you call them by name. This personal connection to someone who attending for a second time carries a lot of good will

Make your Small Group Inviting
I recommend that, when possible, have someone stationed outside to meet and greet people prior to their entering the home. This also helps when new people come. If they do not know where to go and are met outside (or in the lobby on one of our known to be hot days) helps reduce any stress level one might be experiencing.  You can rotate this duty among the regulars. Even have a couple assigned.
Always… Always… Invite everyone back. If possible, do it one on one. It is expected to invite everyone back to the next meeting in an announcement. Do that and more.

Make your Small Group fun
Never water down the Bible Study. Also, never make Bible Study boring. God’s Word is a delight to learn, not as easy to teach but I know all our leaders can do that which God has called them to do. Know your group and tell a story about yourself that is humorous. If no one laughs, let them know you are trying to be funny and sometimes it just doesn’t work.
People will come back to most anything if it was fun. So balance the fun with the Truth you are sharing.

Make your Small Group reproducing

One of the top three goals of each Small Group is to reproduce it. Birth a new Small Group out of it. Begin speaking this language on a regular basis to let those who come attend, understand and know we want to honor God by creating more Small Group locations in and around Dubai.

Thank you for being a part of Small Groups.

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