Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2017 – The Year of Surrender

Seeking the will of God can be a great battle because “WE” get in the way and want to choose where we go and what we do. We base such decisions on our personal preferences. The battle will end as quickly as we surrender our all to Jesus.

In living my life, I want to make sure I am heading in the right direction. Since I do not always know the roads I must take to get to the destination God has for me, I turn to my GPS (God’s Positioning System).

As usual, I began my sermon prep work on Monday. I usually have the groundwork for Friday’s sermon completed sometime on that day. I worked on a great message and grew in excitement each time I put another piece of the sermon puzzle together to be able to present God’s Truth to all He sends our way. On Tuesday, with the other things on the “To Do” list I need to work on being your Pastor, things seemed to go a bit more smoothly than usual. This is always an awesome experience. Even in the midst of expanding the platform area in the church, people cutting wood, going in and out… things were great on Tuesday. I mean… really great. Excitement – Peace – Joy – I mean, I am feeling good about what God is saying and where God is taking me. I was excited for you (not that you have to listen to me) that God has a Word for you for this coming Friday – A Word especially and specifically for you.

Now it is Wednesday and I continue to be filled with anticipation with God’s positioning me to go in the right direction. With His revelation of Truth to me to share with you.

This morning I was heading down the Spiritual Highway of sermon study, excited about the destination God has been showing me (I still am extremely excited). Then the voice spoke. It wasn’t the ladies voice on my phone GPS, or the British guy in my old Garman or even the dude with a tude in a previous phone (I don’t think he liked telling me I missed my turn and to do a u-turn over and over). The old chap got a bit snippy.

This week’s sermon was going to take an intimate look at the life of Peter. I had so much fun working on and building that message… BUT… the voice spoke. It was a voice of authority… A voice of reason… A voice of determination… A voice I recognized… It was God speaking.

The voice was not audible but it was as if it were. The voice simple said; “Take the exit to Wash Basin Road.” So, I took the exit and began looking around to see what God was wanting me to learn.
WHAM – It might as well have been a head-on collision. There it was… Wash Basin Road. A story of: Love so Divine… Love so Demonstrated… Love so Demanding. If we are to be Christ-like, we must journey down Wash Basin Road.

You will have to come Friday to hear the rest of the story.

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