Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I grabbed my bag and set off for a getaway to contemplate the Men’s Night Out tonight. Every opportunity the men of EBCI can gather and fellowship, I want to be a part of it. I want to not only be the Pastor to these wonderful men but I want to let them know I love and appreciate them more than I can or ever have expressed.

I decided early on that I would remain encouraged even when the numbers were low. I would not judge the heart of the men God is allowing me to serve but rather understand that life is busy and an extra evening away from family and home is not best or possible for all. What I do carry though is a burden for these men who cannot come and the blessing they miss. I want to know how or what I can do to help them… walk closer with them… hold them accountable… I want to know what makes them tick and how I can use words and actions to encourage them as men.

Tonight I hope to steer the discussion towards the basic needs of a man when it comes to relationships with other men. I want to hear what  these men need, living in a foreign land… providing for their families… trying to cope or survive… seeking a closer walk with Jesus. I want to hear their hearts.

I will be starting a new sermon series soon and I am currently seeking God’s will. I want to preach what He wants me to preach. When I do that, then I know I am preaching what God wants you to hear.

Pray for the men of EBCI. Pray they become world changers for Christ. Pray they become Disciples who make Disciples. Pray their desire to walk with Christ grows daily. Pray for these mighty men of God. Men with flaws but men with the presence of Christ in their lives and the hand of God upon them.

Sharjah Traffic - Heading that way soon.
My getaway is coming to an end. I will be packing my bag again and head across the street, back to my office. I will do some reading and praying before I face the “go to Sharjah” traffic I know I will face. If anything like previous MNO’s in Sharjah, the normal 25 minute drive will be almost 1.5 hours. MEN – That in itself should tell you how much you are loved. If anyone wants to ride with me and enjoy / face the Sharjah traffic let me know. I plan on leaving between 6 and 6:15.

For His glory!!!

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