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The picture to the left was probably designed to click on and take the reader (me in this case) to a new web page where an article would list and explain 6 things every small group leader must do. I did not click on the picture, nor go to the page where the article on the subject matter was written about. I right clicked the picture and saved it to use here.


Not knowing what the original article said or even wondering, I am going to give my EBCI Small Group Leaders my list of the 6 things every small group leaders must do.

Show up at your scheduled meeting no later than on time… being early is best.

There are few things in ministry that simply drive me crazy. Being late and starting late are the top two items on that list. There are not many more things on the list but those two are tops. Being on time, even early, says a lot to all who you want to be a part of your Group Bible Study. Simply put… If being on time is not important to those in leadership it leaves one to wonder if being there at all is important.

This is not to say I have never been late but I can say it is an extremely rare thing for me to be late (I also say showing up at the exact time something is to start is late). I was late once to a practice session for a praise group I put together. Those in the group thought something bad had happened because they knew that if I was not there early something was wrong. They knew my commitment level by my presence when they started to arrive. 
I remember walking in the door to the church and Jodie George quickly turned to me and asked if everything was alright. Do you remember that Jodie?

Set the standard for the importance of the meeting. Be no later than on time for all meetings, whether you are leading or not.

Schedule a time in your life daily to pray for each person in your small group.

This goes without saying. Also, along the way, send those you are praying for a note letting them know you are praying for them. You do not have to seek out a prayer request from them. Simply take their name before the Lord. Let the Lord guide your prayers.

This is a no brainer. This is why I find it the easiest to do.

Know your stuff.

Be prepared on what you are going to teach or facilitate. This also means be prepared to adjust when questions arise on the subject matter and the need to respond as the Holy Spirit leads.

There will be times when the leader has one of those weeks where every free hour is filled with something life throws at you. In times such as this, work with one of the others in the group to help you in being the lead or in keeping any discussion ontrack.

Start each meeting with prayer.

This is a given. This can be done in a myriad of ways but please remember the time you have asked for everyone to be with you is for Bible Study.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

The church offers a time for corporate prayer (Sunday’s @ 7:30). Invite all to be a part of that but do all you can to make your Bible Study an awesome Bible Study.

This is not to diminish the importance of prayer but to focus on the purpose of the scheduled event... Bible Study.

Encourage your group to invite others.

One of goals in the development of Small Groups is to be a disciple who makes disciples. To do this, we must be committed to multiply our small groups. To do this, we need to build the number attending the group each week with the goal of creating new groups out of the original.

Keep in front of your group the purpose and goal for the small group. To grow in Christ and multiply the groups to reach more for Christ.

Make a weekly contact to those in your group.

This is a highlight for me. I want to send out an email to all in the group within 48 hours of the meeting and then another one the day of the meeting. Make the contact personal – fun – encouraging and welcoming.

Add to the email contact group those you know who you know you can send this email to. 

I have been sending a family our email each week and this past Friday they told me they are going to try and join us. No pressure, just loving on people with a purpose.

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