Wednesday, May 24, 2017


This post is what I submitted for the EBCI June Newsletter.

There is a war happening. This war is not being fought in the USA, Middle East or Europe. It is being fought in our minds. This is a battle which every believer is facing or will face in their lives. This battle may never manifest itself into words or actions that others will hear or see but it will (as the enemy intends for it to do) show itself in your perception. Below are a few ways this battle rages:

·        The way we see ourselves. There are three ways this unfolds. One is very noticeable as a battle, the others are not.

  • It is easy to know there is a battle when we see less of ourselves than what God sees of us. We see ourselves as ugly, mean, unlovable, dumb, super sinful… The list seems unending.
  •  It is not so easy to know there is a battle when we see more of ourselves than God sees of us. We need to be careful that we do not perceive we are so OK, that we do not need to be walking close to God. These things show themselves (whether we notice or not) through pride, intellectual independence, educated…
  • It is not so easy to know there is a battle when we are focused on the sins of others rather than the help we can offer. These things show themselves in ways like gossip, judgmental attitude, avoidance…
For those wondering, I fight these battles regularly.  Each of them. I also know that each of you who read this fight these battles also. You may not have realized this is spiritual warfare but please let us face it and call it for what it is. A battle to keep us distanced from God.

Rick Warren of Saddleback church gives the following four ways to fight this battle
  1. Don't believe everything you hear
  2. Guard your mind from garbage.
  3. Never let up on learning.
  4. Let God stretch your imagination

So much more could be shared but so little space to present it. 

There are a lot of things I do not know but this I know for sure…

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