Sunday, May 14, 2017

Overwhelmed or Overjoyed???

God is opening doors for me to step into a world I am somewhat familiar with but not as confident as I need to be. I appreciate your prayers. I have purchased some digital books to study on the subject of mentoring.

One of the things in my life I have always wanted to happen is… I want my life to make a difference. Don’t get me wrong. I praise God He has used me over the years. Used me in ways only He could. Used me at times when I didn’t even know He was using me. I stand amazed at these moments…BUT… AND… Maybe I am being selfish (I hope not). Maybe I am being spiritual (I hope so) … I want more. I want for God to do more through me than He has in the past. I want God to make a difference in my life that a multitude of others will know Jesus better.

When God led us to start the Mark Initiative, I was not sure what would happen. I wasn’t even sure if people would sign up. When I was asked to be someone’s partner I gladly but nervously said yes. I am so glad I did. I have grown to appreciate and love my partner, David Ison in so many wonderful ways. Thank you, David, for selecting me to be your partner.

Church life is great. I am more excited than ever in my ministry. I recently looked at all that is happening and thought to myself… I AM BLESSED. What more do I need to feel complete in ministry?

THEN it happened… A young man connected to the church, who sadly has to work on Fridays most of the time, asked me to be his partner in the Mark Initiative. I recently had a lunch with this young man and had no idea this would be coming. Fact is, it didn’t come until a week or so later. It also came through his wife, seeking upon his request, asked me for him.

Next week I will begin the Mark Initiative with Ryan. I am looking forward to this opportunity to invest my time and life into this young man. God is so good. What more do I need to feel complete in ministry?

THEN it happened… A family joined us for church this past Friday. I found out after church that he chose to bring his family to Friday School and if that time did not focus on the truths of the Bible they were not staying for worship. I am so glad I didn’t know that prior… Nothing like added pressure. Well, they stayed for worship and we talked for a while after church. In our moments of fellowship, this man asked me to be his mentor. For two years he has been searching for a Bible believing – Bible teaching church. He has chosen EBCI to be his home for his family.

I realized at this moment that I did not know as much about mentoring as I thought I did. Was I overwhelmed or overjoyed? The answer is a resounding, YES!

I do not know if some of those things in my ministry life will diminish. I do know that I am being called in my ministry life to be developed for a greater impact into the lives of others.

All of this involves becoming a more committed Disciple who is surrendering to make more committed Disciples.

Important to know... Some of the big lies Satan wants you to buy is… You are not worthy to be used of God... Your past (or present) is so messed up, God cannot and will not use you…

Please do not but the lie. All throughout scripture God uses messed up people for great things. Man discards people when God holds on to them. Men will determine your value by your CV. God determines your worth by your relationship with Him. Man says you can’t. God says you must.

Let me end… Satan is right. I am worthless. He tells me that often. What he doesn’t tell me is that because I belong to God, I have value. To God I have promise. To God I have purpose. To God I am able to do and be all those things He has purposed for me. The same is for you.

Overwhelmed or Overjoyed?

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