Wednesday, January 10, 2018

ALL IN - Starts Saturday...

ALL IN - Men's Ministry of EBCI
I am working on the above graphic, especially the colors. Any constructive ideas accepted. All others will be ignored.

How do you define your manliness? 

          • The Culture?
          • The way you were raised?
          • Popular Books?
          • The Bible?
Maybe you have not thought about it much and just survive day to day without much concern as to the legacy/testimony you are making/leaving. Let me simply say this...

How we live makes a statement to all those around us. We are on this planet, as Believers in Christ to make a difference for Christ. The enemy is lying to Christian men, telling them they cannot be all that God wants them to be. There is a reason he has been given the title - "The Father of Lies". You can be all that God saved you to be... All that God calls you to be... All that your family/friends and more need you to be. You can do all things through Christ, who is your strength. Do not buy the lies of hell.

This Saturday, we will be having a Men's Breakfast. There will be a special guest speaker who will be bringing a challenge to each of us. This young man is one of you. He is not a vocational minister or a public speaker. He is not in a leadership position in the church. He is like the rest of us... making his way through this journey called life. He is learning as he goes. Pray for him (you need to come Saturday to see who this is). Tell your EBCI family and friends and invite those who may not get these FB announcements.

We will start at 8 AM.
Bring food - for we are eating
Come early and cook if you desire - for we are eating
Bring plentyfor we are eating

We would like to start eating around the tables by 8:15. My goal is to be finished by 10, or shortly after, ss the rest of your day is free to enjoy.

Bring a friend
Bring food - for we are eating

Let me know if you are coming so we can set enough tables up.

REMINDER - We are eating...

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