Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Nations - our greatest focus...

It is 2018 that marks the 40th anniversary of God calling me to occupational ministry. This means I am celebrating my 40th year of being in the Lord’s service as a vocational minister. To which I say – 1) Thank You, God for your call… 2) Has it really been 40 years? … 3) He has been faithful, and I have been blessed.

In these 40 years, I have changed and God’s call upon my life has been changed me in so many ways. In the beginning, I thought the local church was the place to be and there was nowhere better to serve God than there. I was in school, working, dating Pam (remember, we have only been married 37 years so far). These early informative years did a lot to equip me for what I am doing today. Now 40 years… married… to the same wife still… two sons… two wonderful daughter-in-laws… six of the best GKids later… and living on the other side of the world from where I was raised, I know so much better now the call upon His people.

I recently read an article titled… Seven Reasons Pastors Need to Spend Time Overseas. A great article, not only for Pastors but all believers in my home country (USA).

I am confident that not all Pastors are called to serve overseas… I am just as confident that all believers are called to reach the global masses. If I am correct… then all Christians, pastors to pew sitters, who know what the Great Commission says… have no excuse but to go and make disciples beyond their local community and country.

I am not sure how a Pastor whose heart does not long to reach the uttermost parts of the world can ask their people to be Great Commission Christians. The Matthew passage does not give the option of choosing a region but clearly stating we are to make disciples of all the nations. Acts 1:8 defines this in a geographical way. Each region listed is a region we are to find a way to impact with the gospel., and I am convinced this is a hands-on impact. Giving and praying is easier than going. As much as we must give and pray – according to Matthew 28 – we must “GO”!

To my pastor partners and churches, in the USA, please prayerfully consider where your heartbeat is towards the nations without Christ. Acts 1:8 is all inclusive and is to be what drives us to reach the world. I am going to ask two questions:

1 – What would you say is your passion towards the uttermost parts of the earth?
2 – What would your people say is your passion towards the uttermost parts of the world?

I would love to hear from you about this. I would love for you to seek God to give you a passion for a place to impact internationally with the good news of Christ. I would love for you to partner with one or more of the many works around the world and be intentional about going there and walking the different streets and meeting the different peoples to build bridges with the gospel.

Come here. Partner with us. Give us two weeks of your life and let us introduce you or continue to walk with you and your people among the many who need you to come and share.
Why here? Dubai has on record 200 different nationalities here. That is out of a total 206 on the globe according to Wikipedia. This simply means we can reach the mass of the nations here because the nations are here.

US citizens can get to Dubai easily and you do not need any special visa to enter the country. You can also fly direct (on Emirates Air) from some of the major US cities. Again, I ask you to pray about this and let’s talk about the great work here and your part in being a Great Commission Christian.

Here at EBCI, we will be doing more to address and formulate the plan to get back into the countries of our church members. We are an international church, filled with international peoples (about 40+ nations represented). Each of these people represents countries and/or regions we can take the gospel to. We have personal connections from each of these countries worshipping with us each week. We have people who want their country to know the Jesus we know. We have people who are here out of necessity but are discovering it is also a divine time to become a better disciple who will be the lead person to make disciples in their land. Join us down the road as we go beyond our international wall to the homeland of our great people to make Disciples.

A little bit of rambling above… I know it.

In closing. Pastors, do you have a sabbatical coming and are looking for something to fill that time which can better you in your work for Christ?

Pray about spending your time here with us. We will be glad to house you, feed you and get you around. We will provide you an office to study in and a place to intermingle with people from many different nations while worshiping at EBCI. I will give you an opportunity to preach to these fine people and others at some of our mission points. You can take some needed time to just soak in God’s blessings for a month.

If you have any interest in the above, send me an email at and let’s see what God can do.

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