Tuesday, February 27, 2018


  Now you know…

 International Champion - Bronco Jon hard @ work
This past Saturday, I shared a story and I just wanted to bring the evidence of your Pastor… the thrill seeker…. adrenalin junkie… not too bright… willing to do anything to get attention…
This was at the Cowboy Church in Salisbury, NC. Pastored by my friend Jeff Smith. Our church was invited to their rodeo night and I took the challenge to ride the bull. It was fun.

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves doing what we never thought we would ever do. This is what is happening in the church shift. None of us planned on this but we were told that we needed to make the necessary adjustment to be in right standing with Dubai government. This was not a difficult decision to make as we want to be always found doing right, under the government’s authority. We will submit to this request as it is not asking us to sin. We will not only respect the government we will honor our God at the same time.

I do ask that we think of it as riding a bull (at least a tame one). Something we didn’t expect but something we can find the good in and enjoy as long as it lasts. Our God, the One true God, has been good to us and He deserves our praise and honor.

We are waiting on DECC to let us know when our time slot is for this coming weekend. Our prayer and request are that we can continue to have the time slot we already enjoyed. We have given it to God and trust Him to do what is best.

There are still questions about some of our ministries and once we get a time slot settled for long-term usage, we will be able to organize the other ministries. 
Pray for…
  • The same time slot as last week
  • Those who work on Saturdays
  • Our 180 ministry
  • Mission plans and more

Things may not have settled down completely yet, but we rejoice in the opportunity to see God do greater things.
Thank you all for your encouraging emails and words. They give me the strength God wants me to have.

Jon L. Estes

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