Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wednesday's News

The weekend is fast approaching.

Late last night I received the news that we have been given the same day and time slot, for our weekend service, as last week. What is different - is the room. We will move across the hall to the Salaam Hall. The doors open at 9 am and the church will begin at 10 – sharp.

ALSO - We will run the same bus schedule from the villas.

Those who like to fellowship, please don’t feel like you must wait till 10 to arrive. Come on in and help us get things set up. The musicians should be there by 9 am to go over all the things they will be leading us in. This is a Lord’s Supper weekend, so Deacons need to be prepared for that. I will have the stuff (minus the juice) with me. We are hoping to have access to the kitchen for preparation ease.

This week, I will be preaching on the subject of “Having a BFF is not modern”. We will be looking at 1 Samuel 18-20 at the friendship between David and Jonathan. Since the passage is so long and I will be pulling the specific verses out of the passage which speak directly to their friendship, please take time between now and then to read these three exciting chapters.

EBCI is at a crossroads This move has forced us to ask some serious questions and seek God’s guidance for the days ahead of us. We are being made to…
  • Look at our purpose and make sure what we do leads us to fulfill that purpose
  • Ask if God is seeking more from us than we are presently giving
  • Listen to God’s answers to our questions and respond obediently

I need you to pray for your leadership as we are already seeking God to respond to the above prompts. Pray for them daily. Pray for them earnestly. Trust God to work through them as we look forward.

The crossroads we are at are challenging us and stretching us to experience God as never before. Greater days are ahead, and I want to be in the center of God’s activity, through EBCI. Are you in?


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