Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wednesdays Update for coming Move


I know the last few days a lot of information has been given and yet with few answers to the many questions. Well, today we have some great news. We have been given a day and time to meet as EBCI at DECC. Please read the letter below for the news we have.

EBCI – Wednesday’s News

God never promised us that all of our days would be struggle free, frustration free.... What He did promise is that, as His children, He will walk with us through each day facing, with us, any of life’s frustrations, disappointments, and struggles.

God is doing that right now in our current adjustment. We are not alone. We are not defeated. We are more than overcomers… We belong to Jesus. It doesn’t get any better than that.

We have been assigned the day and time window for our church services. I am confident that this is a good selection for us and that after we make the necessary life adjustments, we will come to see the bigger picture of why God caused or made this shift to happen. God still has a purpose and plan for EBCI and each of you are an important part of that purpose and plan.

Beginning this Saturday, we will have one of the worship halls at DECC and two classrooms to use from 9 to noon. I will be conversing with the Deacons to set the time we will begin and let you know that by this evening.

Here are some things to know and pray for.

·        God is in control. 
·        We are blessed to even have a place to gather, so we will thank God. 
·        We are working on a way to transport those who need a ride, so if you fit this category, let Sheeba know ASAP. 
·        Pastor Matt has been assigned to go and take pictures of campus and our spaces so you will have some familiarity when you arrive Saturday morning. I will send/post these later today. 
·        Even after we make the move as people, there is much to be done here at the villas, with all of our stuff. Pray for wisdom in how to sort all of this out. 
·        Your Fridays, beginning this Friday are church free. Think of it as your current Saturday and think of Saturday as your current Friday. 
·        Your staff will continue, for the present, to work out of our current offices. When this changes, we will let you know.

I continue to ask for your prayers.

Jon L. EstesYour Pastor

I want to encourage you to be encouraged. Commit to learn about God as you walk through this. We are all in this together.

I love my Church... Her People... Our God


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