Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Weekends for a lot of people are something they look forward to just because it is when they do not work. Not me... I look forward to the weekends because that is when I get to gather with my church family and celebrate Jesus, corporately. I love Wednesdays because it is a reminder that I am a day closer to the weekend to meet with you and worship Jesus.

So, enjoy your Wednesday and know that you are a day closer to church family time than the day before.



I have been contacted by DECC (our present place of worship on Saturday) and they want us to be aware of some of the rules we need to abide by.

I need your help in making sure we are guests that do all we do to honor Christ and work respectfully within the DECC rental system. Below is what we are being asked.

Kindly inform your congregation:
  • All churches should come only at the allocated time and leave immediately after worship service
  • We do not allow people to use the cafeteria or sit in the first-floor lobby at anytime
  • Areas/rooms to be used are only those that were confirmed on your booking
  • Unsupervised children are not allowed to go around the building
Thank you, in advance, for your help with these things. We want to be the best customers DECC has.



As we prepare ourselves for Friday and Saturday please pray for these specific needs.
  • The Friday - Can't meet Saturday group
  • The Saturday worship at DECC
  • The Youth Desert Retreat
  • AWANA begins again on Saturday @ DECC
  • OASIS meeting on Friday morning
  • The message from Amos 7 this week.
  • All of our church family who are in transition
  • All of our church family -- families back in their home countries

I thank God for each of you and consider it an honor to be your Pastor.

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