Sunday, March 4, 2018

Church Family and Friends…

We now have met at DECC for two Saturdays. God has been good to us and has proven Himself, through you, that the government's decision to relocate us to DECC cannot stop the work of God in our lives as a church family. I am excited about this relocation and this opportunity to do so much more in ministry and mission than previously. This is a new day dawning and the excitement is contagious. If you have not yet gathered with us on Saturday morning for church, please do all you can to meet with us this coming Saturday. Worship will begin at 10 AM. There will be extended sessions for the small children and Children’s Church as well. Are you excited? I AM!

Please pray for a leadership meeting which will take place tonight. There will be a meeting with myself, Paul Runes - Deacon chair, Pastor Matt for 180 and Howard for AWANA. Pray that we will see the big picture on how to get these ministries (presently on hold) restarted with full thrust.

Our Church Life weekend conference will be rescheduled for a later date.

This whole shifting process (still in the making) has been stressful for me. The Lord has been good and has daily used many of the church family, and some beyond, to be people of encouragement. Thank you --- Thank you so very much. You have made all that we have done so far, so much of a lighter load to carry and burden to bear. You are precious to Pam and I and we thank you from the depths of our hearts.

A shift in messages… 

For the rest of March, I will be speaking on principle to live by for daily Christian victory. This is a shift away from family and children. These messages will be designed to challenge and encourage you directly as we shift together from the villas to DECC. For this coming Saturday, please find time to read Romans 13:11-14. Read it a few times from now until then. Ask God to speak to you through this passage and bring a depth of understanding that will greatly grow you and mold you into the likeness of Christ.

Commit to join us each week for a time of encouragement and hope.

I Love My Church... Her People... Our God.

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