Friday, March 9, 2018



Today has already been a blessing and it has only just begun. I got to celebrate the morning with some of EBCI's finest men as we had breakfast together at the villa. Lot's of genuine laughter and good chit-chat. What a great way to start any Friday. Sad, but that part of the day is now history. Glad, there is still so much more to go and enjoy. It will not be long until I get to fellowship with those who are unable to join us on Fridays. This afternoon at 2, we will have a get together at or apartment. Food, fellowship and a fantastic time will be happening. So, if you cannot make it to DECC on Saturdays and want to spend some time with your church family, join us today @ 2.


The church is invited to join us tomorrow at 9 AM for a season of prayer in one of our rooms in the lower level of DECC. Sheeba will be present to point the way for this prayer meeting.

You are also invited to join us for worship at 10 am. The message I will be sharing is from God's Word, adapted from a sermon I heard many years ago by Dr. Adrian Rogers.  I will be using the text from Romans 13:11-14 bringing forth a reminder that being the church is serious business. I was reminded this week that this shift, as difficult and unwanted it might be in my life, there is a greater problem I must address. That problem is the lostness that I am surrounded by every day I wake up and face this world. The eternal lostness of mankind with Jesus. Pastor Matt reminded us again this morning at breakfast that we are not called to get comfortable inside the camp but get outside the camp where the lostness is and shine for Jesus (Hebrews 13).

For those who can find time today... here is the link to David Platts sermon on Hebrews 13.

Be blessed - 

Jon L. Estes
Pastor - EBCI - Dubai

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