Friday, March 2, 2018

It is Friday... Saturday's coming...

I Know that "ALL THINGS..." are in the hands of God.

Charles Dickens, probably best known for his writing of “A Christmas Carol”, was a prolific storyteller… possibly the greatest novelist of the Victorian era. One of his famous books: “A Tale of Two Cities” begins with the following words…

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Without getting into the story by Dickens, the words he chose to use speak of how I feel as we shift as a church.

It was the worst of times…
  • We are shifting out of a familiar place where we have seen God do great work.
  • We are meeting at a complete different times slot where some of our most faithful cannot meet with us.
  • Some of our major ministries have been put on hold.
  • I met a wonderful visiting couple this morning from Mexico who wanted to worship with us today.
  • One of our regulars who worked last weekend did not get the news and showed up to an empty villa.

It was the best of times…
  • We are shifting out of a familiar place to somewhere God still works, and greater things are to come.
  • We are meeting at as completely different time slot where God is speaking about how to reach those who cannot make it and more in the days ahead.
  • Our major ministries, currently on hold, will start up new and with great excitement soon.
  • I met a wonderful Christian couple from Mexico who wanted to worship with us – they are leaving today, or they would have joined us tomorrow.
  • One of our regulars who worked last weekend showed up to an empty villa but will join us tomorrow at DECC.
  • God is putting or allowing thoughts of greater victory for EBCI to enter my head.
  • What I have shared with the leadership has been met with excitement and dreams fo great possibilities.
  • God is not finished with EBCI and I need your prayers to understand what God is doing so we can join Him in the next chapter of our lives.
  • There has never been a better time to be a part of EBCI, than right now.

Never forget...

Tomorrow morning, we will meet again at DECC, in the Salaam Hall. The doors open at 9. Service starts at 10. We will be done by 12. If you can be there early to help us set up (if necessary) --- hook up all the mics… sound equip… just simply help make sure all is ready when the clock strikes 10.

As we face the days ahead, we do so with the fondest of memories of the days behind us. Those markers of God working in and through our lives at EBCI, in the villas, cannot be erased. We are better as a result of those days... years. Trusting God through this will only help us be stronger and better prepared for all that He has in store for us as we continue our walking with Him and growing in Him.

From Pam and myself, we thank you for allowing us the joy and privilege of being your Pastor and First Lady. Wow, that sounds really formal. I have said on many occasions, as early as last weekend, God has blessed our journey with wonderful ministries and people.  All of those stops along the way were preparation for us to be here with you. I pray the Lord allows us to finish our ministry here with the great people of EBCI. You are the greatest.

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