Monday, March 12, 2018


with some serious talk added


I so much enjoy sending out letters, emails, and stuff to my church family the past few weeks - this morning I am going to make this letter to you a bit more relaxed. Maybe you can join me in finding a reason to not only smile but laugh a bit. Let me know what you think about these almost daily postings. I want to keep encouraging you and to keep you informed on any and all progress making all things settled with this shift.

But... before we get there, let me take a moment to be serious...

What a great weekend. From our Friday, cannot be with us on Saturday group to our Saturday morning worship time at DECC... God has been so good. Let me list a few things...

  • An awesome time at breakfast with some of the finest men of EBCI for our monthly Men's Breakfast
  • 16 people showed up on Friday for sweet fellowship and opening God's Word.
  • Many stayed for the ladies Bible Study afterwords and then sang the evening with great hymns and some contemporary songs.
  • 5 hours of sleep last night (2 hours was the longest stretch)
  • A great 9 AM prayer time on Saturday.
  • A great time of corporate worship and fellowship at 10 am at DECC.
  • An answer to where God will have me speak from next Friday/Saturday.
  • A Great time at our new Life Group last night - Thanks, Gunawan and Nane.
  • 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night (not all at the same time).


I hope you can remember the points I brought forth in last week's message. The outline was adapted from a message Dr. Adrian Rogers shared many years ago. The content beyond the outline was developed to be applicable to the EBCI family.

Remember these three directives...
  1. WAKE UP - we do not have time to rest on our laurels
  2. CLEAN UP - six specific things were listed to cast off
  3. DRESS UP - put on the armour of light... Jesus Christ.

A Simple Carpenters Tool

This coming Friday and Saturday I will be looking at the book of Amos. I encourage you to read through this Minor Prophet prior to the coming weekend.

Though the plumb line may be more thought of as a tool used in construction, it is a tool carpenters us and would have been more gone too in the times of Jesus. Today,we have laser levels and such to do the task of a plumb line. The principle and outcome desired are the same, just a different tool.

I am a novice carpenter (work with wood guy). I find doing such work, relaxing and rewarding. The following pictures are of some of the work I have done. 

A gun cabinet for Grant

Dining room table and bench for Chad

Remodeling Grants Basement  #1

Remodeling Grants Basement  #2

Remodeling Grants Basement  #3

Remodeling Grants Basement  #4
About done, as our holiday week was ending. Grant laid the carpet after we left.

A second project a year and a half later at Grant's. Making an opening in wall between living room and Kitchen. Had to get Wesley in here somehow.

Job almost done. Framing complete.

Me taking a break with Wesley from work in basement.

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