Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday's Meanderings...

I have come to enjoy putting a daily email out to the people I love and the people God knows as EBCI. It is my prayer that you find these emails encouraging and beneficial.

Today, I ask for your prayers. I ask that you pray for me, your pastor. Pray that I hear God speak and see God move so that I can know what to do and Who to follow. Pray that I will not compromise His Truth for the sake of convenience or comfort. Pray that I understand that the future of EBCI does not depend on this Pastor... any church leader... any church member... Our hope and future depend only on Christ. I need your prayers.

Pray for your Deacon leadership who are also wrestling with this and seeking God's perfect will. EBCI is blessed to have the Deacons they have and the leadership they give.

Pray for your fellow church family. Pray for them to have strength and for them to be able to work out the necessary life adjustments as the church has made the present shift to honor the request of the CDA.

Pray for the CDA as they are handling many requests and applications for permits. Pray for their wisdom and guidance.

Pray for the UAE and thank God that we are allowed to meet here as Christians.

EBCI is a church family where we depend on the other people in our family to help carry the load we bear as a church. The range of emotions on this current shift - which looks more like a holding pattern with no clearance to land, varies greatly among your church family is great. Let's take the words of God seriously... 

Romans 12:15 - Rejoice with those that rejoice - weep with those that weep.

Is it ok to miss the villa? Absolutely... but I urge you to not let the villa be the reason we meet or the source of our comfort and strength. We are EBCI... A family... A body of believers who have traveled together through many blessings. Some longer than others - but each of us is better off being EBCI.

I may take tomorrow off, we will see. If so, an email may not be sent.

Thank you for being my church family.

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