Thursday, March 15, 2018


There are times when we must be responsible and follow through on things and there are times that we must trust God to be as big as we claim Him to be. Knowing when to do which comes from experience and knowing where you are at with God on the matter. If God tells me to trust Him and He is working things out, should I move forward and do something that says to God: 1) "you need my help so I will do this", or 2) "I need to be proactive... involved... informed...". The other op[tion is to continue to pray for God to do what He already said He would do and allow me to watch Him be God.

Make no mistake, there are many times, God wants our involvement (for His glory and our education). There are other times God says... step back and watch what I do. This was one of those times.

We are approaching Easter and the churches here, traditionally, have a place they hold SonRise services. With the new changes, we are following and adjusting our lives to, I knew we would have to meet within the compound on Easter morning... if we were going to meet. I was told some churches made application to meet at their places... I didn't know we could do that. I was determined to get to work on Wednesday and make application... praying... hoping... we could be approved. God said wait. To place my troubles in His hands. My Psalm reading for the day was Psalm 37. Verse 5 states:

Commit your way to the Lord,Trust also in Him,And He shall bring it to pass.

I did just that. It was not too long afterward I got a phone call with some information about upcoming things I might be interested in as a Pastor and that we had been approved to meet at our regular location on Easter morning. Though the official paper had not yet been returned, a verbal agreement was given by the CDA for a small list of churches and we were on that list.

Mark your calendar now and make sure you join us on Easter Sunday morning (April 1, 2018) for a great time of singing, fellowship, baptisms, and breakfast.

Do not miss this Saturday as we open our Bibles to Amos 7 and see what God shows us through a simple carpenters tool.

For those who cannot make it on Saturday, we will have a fellowship gathering at my apartment on Friday @ 2. These have become great days to enjoy our time and Christ connection as we sing and eat and read the Bible. As we linger into the early evening hours, we just know it is good to be with our Christian brothers and sisters.


Thank God for His answered prayers
Ask God to show us where He is at work
Ask God to give you a heart that longs to join Him in His work
Ask God to fill the building on Saturday for His glory
Thank God for meeting all our needs
Thank God for your church family
Ask God to show you where He wants you to serve
Ask God to allow you to go to Kolkata in July
Ask God to give you a greater hunger for Him

I Love My Church... Her People... Our God.

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