Tuesday, March 6, 2018


A church separated not a church divided… 

Many churches throughout history have divided (the politically correct term for “split”) for some of the silliest of reasons. Some for the color of the new carpet… even others because someone brought in and used drums during a service. The list is long and the reasons in many cases is sad. 

I am glad EBCI is not that church. Follow me here…

EBCI is the midst of a church being separated. None of this has anything to do with any decision we made as a church or as individuals. We are respectfully following the rules of the government and as a result, we have been given a time slot at DECC to have church on Saturday mornings. This is an ideal time slot in many ways. It is early in the day… It is the weekend… We get first parking and it is not in the sand beyond the pavement… It is not an ideal time slot for so many of our church family. Many of our people work Saturdays and due to the nature of the work cannot switch days off so, therefore, they are separated (unable to meet with us) from our corporate time of worship on Saturday. These wonderful people are an important part of our church family and they have proven their faithfulness to God and EBCI over the years. Please keep them in your daily prayers.

During this time of transition… 

We need your prayers to help us know God’s will for us in how we can minister too and worship with our separated and loved family members. Currently, we are getting together with this group at our apartment on Friday @ 2. Our time of encouraging and Bible Study will last about an hour. All who come are welcome to stay as long as they wish. Last week, several stayed until after 7.

If you find yourself as a part of this No Saturday group… please know we love you and are working hard to see how God wants us to include you in your family’s life. If you have ideas, please send them to me.

The Road to Success… is Paved with Prayer.

Let me give a “simple definition” to two of the words listed above.

Prayer – Honest, open communication with God.
Success – Anything that ends the way God planned.

I know that most of you have been praying diligently for what we are facing. I know because you have shared this information with me. Thank you and do not stop.

Here are prayer points for you to start praying for daily. I will be adding direction regularly so that we become more proficient in our prayer lives.
  • Pray for God’s will to be known and embraced by EBCI
  • Pray for God to unite that which is separated
  • Pray for God to move mountains and hearts of all persons involved in any decision making concerning the church.
  • Pray for God to humble us and at the same time ignite us in Him and for Him.
  • Pray for God to use our Friday times with those who work Saturday to be filled with encouragement and His presence.
  • Pray for God to meet all of our financial obligations currently and to begin laying aside funds for future growth and ministry.

Please join us...

This Saturday at 9 AM, there will be two prayer meeting happening at DECC. One meeting will be with the men and the other with the ladies. We will meet in the rooms we rent downstairs for prayer. Someone will be on duty to guide you to where these rooms are.

We will begin as close to 9 AM as possible and end at 9:45. There is a lot happening during this time as some setup and some greeting will be taking place but for all who can, please join us for this time of prayer and intercession.

If you can be present at 9AM and help with setup and greeting and giving direction to the prayer rooms, let me know so I can get this organized as best as possible.

This weekend we will also make available to all some information on prayer and fasting so you can help us and join us for a time of prayer and fasting to find God's peaceful guiding hand and His perfect will during this time of shifting.

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