Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WOW Wednesday


I rediscovered something this week that I believe God has held back in my rediscovering so that the impact of the rediscovery would be at its peak.

Though all things have not been settled in relation to the shifting of EBCI, things are heading to a more permanent (at least how I would describe it) reality in our weekly gatherings. God has given us time to ponder the shift and even time to adjust our lives to the shift. Remember I stated the following this past Saturday...

Our Blessings are not determined by our location.Our Blessings are determined by our obedience. - JLE 

Follow these thoughts...
1 - Disappointment and discouragement (D&D) is real.2 - No D&D is too big for God to handle.3 - Every D&D is brought into our lives for a purpose.4 - God wants us to see Him and His purpose and calling upon our lives in every D&D.5 - We have much to be thankful for.

This Friday and Saturday, I will be sharing from Jeremiah 20:7-18, showing you that it is time to BE ENCOURAGED. Of the many characters in scripture, Jeremiah could have easily let the D&D of his life lead his days. He could have easily (but disobediently) chosen a different and much less complicated to his life path. I have given this weeks message the title of "To BE or not to BE - That is the question". The purpose of this message is to call each of us to choose to BE ENCOURAGED.

You do not want to miss this weekend's services.

Pray for your church family. Do not let the D&D's of life tear you apart from the family God has given you at EBCI. Do not let the D&D's of life put you in a state of isolation from your church family. Do not listen to the lies of Satan and walk away from EBCI because you are D&D about something. If EBCI is your church family, you need them and they need you.


The local newspaper is telling all travelers to get to the airport early this weekend as they are expecting record crowds of travelers to be leaving Dubai for Spring Break. If you are traveling, please be safe and get back quickly - you will be missed. If you are staying in Dubai, all the scheduled activities of EBCI are still in full swing. Do not miss being a part of our weekend gatherings. If you are staying in the country and have people visiting you - bring them with you to church on Saturday. Let your visiting friends and family meet your church family. Let your church family meet your friends and family. 

Regardless of your travel plans, remember your church in your tithes and offerings. Let me encourage those who will be traveling to give before they go. Your church depends on its family to be obedient to God's plan to financially support the ministries and purposes we are called to fulfill and accomplish.

Of all the subjects in scripture, money is the one I find most uncomfortable speaking too. Don't misunderstand this. I am not afraid to speak of money, not at all. I have learned it is a sensitive topic and some think that is all the preacher wants. I think I have proven that speaking of money is not something "pounded" on you regularly. My intent here is not to pound you with this subject but to be obedient in reminding you of your churches needs in this area. Please be faithful in this as you take the short spring break and even if you take holiday during the summer.


This weekends services
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SonRise Service (April 1)
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