Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday's Fountain


We are rapidly approaching the summer months. The heat of Dubai has not shown itself in full force yet but we have had a few days of warning that it will not be long and there is nothing we can do about it arriving. The heat will come and the temperatures will soar. Since there is no outdoor thermostat, the solution is to escape. And many across the UAE do just that. They take their 30 day holiday or full summer opportunity and find a cooler place. No one begrudges this choice.

Yet, EBCI remains steady in her course, meeting each week... making disciples... sharing Jesus and loving all who the Lord sends our way. So, what I want to ask each of you connected to EBCI is to join us in the month of May and invite a friend. The challenge is to bring at least one friend each Saturday for the four Saturdays in May but to make May 26 our target Friend Day. Start praying and seeking God for who you rub elbows with that is not involved in a church. Strike up a conversation and let them know your church (EBCI) has issued you a challenge to bring a friend and you want to meet the challenge. 

LifeGroups are on

I want to address three things here...

1 - I need current pictures or short video clips of your LifeGroup in action so I can create a video presentation to use on Saturdays to encourage others to get involved. Please, leaders, assign someone to get these made and get to me.

2 - If you are reading this and are not involved in one of our LifeGroups... Why not? Of course, you may be asking what is a LifeGroup. Simply put... A LifeGroup is where a group of the EBCI family, friends and visitors gather to do life together. It is a time of sweet fellowship, looking into God's Word, sharing what we find and then eating (at least in the groups I visited - food is involved). So, I want to encourage you to find a LifeGroup near you and get involved. These are the highlight of my week. If you want to know more about our LifeGroups, where they meet and when... contact me.

3 - Do more than meet on your given day and time. Doing life together needs to be just that. Talk about an activity outside the LG time and get together and have some fun. Here in Dubai, there is a lot to do. Doing outside stuff is going to be hard soon, so plan those things now.


I had the opportunity and joy to serve with my dad at this great church. This was the last pastorate my dad had prior to retirement. I was brought on (before seminary started), intentionally for a three-month role to help establish a youth ministry and evangelistic program in the church. I quickly fell in love with this church, the geographic location, and work. Three months is not a long time to develop a ministry in any church but the people God had planted at NBC were giants in their walk with God. They had the heart to reach the world and were in one of the areas most resistant to the gospel.

My dad was my pastor... my hero. Though he was a great preacher and soul winner. He had pastored large churches over the years, the Lord placed him in a smaller church for his final vocational pastorate. It was the best ministry he had. 

There are too many people to name and some of those fine people are friends on FB with me. But let me give a shout out to Pat... Anne... Betty and Paul... Geoff and so many more. I love you and thank God for your impact on mine and Pamela's life.

Now, if I could retire to any place in the world today, I would choose Wilmington, DE.

The next entry will be from my call to Roxboro, NC.

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