Monday, April 30, 2018


Business Bay Metro Station

This busy station is a 2-minute walk from our apartment building. During rush hour, the foot traffic coming from this station into the Business Bay area is heavy. Hundreds upon hundreds unload from the train every 5 minutes. They quickly make their way to their offices for their daily job. I do not even know if they like their job or not. I do know this, they are their daily embarked on a mission to do what they are committed to doing in keeping their lives afloat and having some structure of financial stability. They have a reason to do this day after day after day. Some will work up to six days a week with a high level of commitment to the task.

I am impressed by this sight of commitment as I make my way to the villa to work. I am sad as I observe the faces of these workers as they seem void of emotion. Life can rob us of joy and bring us to the point of survival instead of contentment.
I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. - Phil. 4:11
The idea of contentment in this passage is dealing with a mindset that is a result of satisfaction in Christ. The hymn with these words has a chorus that states...
I am satisfied, I am satisfied, I am satisfied with Jesus, But the question comes to me, As I think of Calvary, Is my Master satisfied with me? 
I have no idea if these people I drive by daily even like their jobs but what I do know is that they see their jobs as something in their lives, whether they like it or not, they must be faithfully committed too. They must get up daily... get themselves ready... travel from the comforts of their housing... deal with the crowds... to put in a specific number of hours just to repeat it the next day, then the next day after that. These people do this 5 - 6 days every week. 

What does it say to God when His children show less commitment to the one day He asks us to set aside for Him? The one day each week, He calls us to worship Him corporately? I have always struggled to see this happen in the life of God's people. My limited intelligence cannot equate a reason, nor can it understand the oddities of excuses we make.

The Sabbath is not a day of rest from the busyness of the week but a day to set aside and rest in Him... with our spiritual family... together... in God's Word... together.. in fellowship... together. I did say together... right?


Studdert Kenndy was a chaplain during World War I. His role often thrust him into danger on the front lines of battle. One day while traveling through war-ravaged France, he wrote this letter to his young son:

The first prayer I want my son to learn to say for me is not "God keep daddy safe," but "God make daddy brave, and if he has hard things to do make him strong to do them." 

Life and death don't matter right and wrong do. Daddy dead is daddy still, but daddy dishonoured before God is something awful, too bad for words. 

I suppose you'd like to put in a bit about the safety too, old chap, and mother would. Well, put it in, but afterwords, always afterwards, because it does not really matter near so much."

In the face of warfare... Not knowing if the next minute would be one he would he would experience this side of glory, the above words need to be our words, especially when life and death are not knocking on our door.


May is waiting to step into our lives. April will be gone and all we can do is be reminded of it, as it is history.. it is forever unchangeable.

Let us think ahead in May. Let us make a list of those we will be inviting on May 26 to join us for EBCI - FREIND'S DAY. Let us commit to pray for them daily. Let us continue to remind them how excited we are that they will be joining us on this special day.

Do not procrastinate and wait until the last minute. Invite them now. Let them come with you before May 26. Bring them often. Will you join me in being excited about this coming day? 

To God be the Glory.

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