Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday's Meanderings...


Mark your calendar now and begin seeking that person or persons you will invite to join you for our Saturday service on May 26. Also, begin praying now that our service that day will be overflowing with God's blessings and we will experience more than we can imagine... for His glory. 

Do not miss being a part of this exciting day. Do not miss seeing friends of yours joining us for a great day of EBCI fellowship and worship. I am getting more excited as I type.


Yesterday I got a little ahead of myself and said we would begin in chapter 3 of Daniel. Well, we will be finishing chapter 2 first. We will begin with v. 31 and look at King Nebuchadnezzar's dream and how God used Daniel to interpret it. We will also look at the significance of the meaning of the dream to history and our current lives.

Daniel is the Revelation of the Old Testament. In its few chapters, it shares some exciting and familiar stories that have a lesson for us today. If you are looking for a LifeGroup to be a part of and are in the Al Wasl area (Jumeirah 1 end), let me know and I will be glad to send you a location ping to your WhatsApp.

Our Monday night LG meets at 7:30, where we all contribute to what God is doing in our lives and share the testimonies of blessings. .. Open the Bible and see what God is saying to our lives to grow us closer to Himself. Of course, we conclude the evening with some sort of light meal for those who would like to partake.

High View Baptist, Roxboro, NC

This great little country church was my first pastorate. I hold so many fond memories of my time here that I often miss those, somewhat, more simple times. I was blessed to serve some of the finest people and learn some of the best pastor lessons one needs to learn while at this church. I served this church while I was a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Thank you HVBC for loving me, Pamela and the boys. Thank you for your patience as I honed my preaching skills on you. Thank you for always being the encourager. There are too many names to name but I want to give a shout out to one lady... Victoria Whitlow. Your godliness was always on display. Your love for Christ could not be questioned. I know you are in glory and I praise God for you, your life and witness to us. You are not forgotten.

HVBC, no longer looks like the picture above as it burned down and the people rebuilt a few years back. The memories of our work in the community will never be forgotten and I am a better person for knowing the people of HVBC.


The Lord has answered our prayers and a team has been knitted together for a greater work that we could ever do by ourselves. From July 6-14, God will work in and through the lives of our EBCI team as they travel to Kolkata to impact lives for Jesus. As we get closer, we will let these volunteers give witness to God's hand in their being able to "Be on Mission" to Kolkata.

Please start today praying daily for KCF and the work we will be doing in partnership with them. Pray for the team God has assembled and the work they will do. Pray for those in Kolkata who will be touched with the good news of Jesus. Pray... --- Pray...

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