Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Terrific Tuesdays


I got up at my regular time this morning then quickly fell back asleep until 9:45. My morning ritual of high energy mental thinking - planning - contemplating - scheduling - and more. These times are used to work through my week but my body chose get some more shut eye.

Each week, the church gives me two days off which Pam and I work to enjoy one doing something together. It may not be a huge something and sometimes it has been a nothing something but we do try for something. Thank you EBCI for giving us these needed times. There are also times ministry calls and the day off gets changed. This is not problematic and both Pam and I understand and know the demands of our calling. Using a personal day off to minister to one of our family members or work with others in the church who can only meet at certain times due to their life schedules is part of the love of being a vocational minister. I still say thank you. I still will drop most things to minister to and meet with you if needed.

So, for today, Pam and I are going on an expedition for some specific items we are looking for. We are going to be non-ministering to the flock but to each other. We are not shoppers but today we will be. Not for a lot but for a specific few things. So we will be off in a few and I will send another letter to you tomorrow.

Tomorrows focus (for part of the letter) will be where I am at in dealing with God calling people to other parts of the world and how it needs to affect me as your pastor and you as the church family (EBCI).



WE ARE FAMILY (though a bit dysfunctional at times) THROUGH CHRIST


T I L L   T O M O R R O W

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