Thursday, April 19, 2018


Starting Saturday at 9 AM,  we kick-off our pre-worship Bible Study. We will meet in the rooms on the ground level of DECC. There will be a class for the youth and adults. If you bring your children, we will be ready for them in the south wing. Join us as we work through this new location and time for our morning pre-worship Bible Study. Leaders will be at DECC early and help anyone who needs directions to the class.

Preetham will be leading the class this week and the lesson title is The Song of Thanksgiving. Pastor Matt will be leading the same lesson for the youth. Sheeba will oversee any of the children who make it. Let's get excited about the great things he has done.

Come support the Bible Study on Saturday mornings.


Over the next, how many ever letters I send, I am going to share a brief expose of my journey in vocational ministry. Why? Good question... I will let you know when I figure out a good answer. There will be one or two ministry places of service in each letter until I reach EBCI. So enjoy if you wish... bypass to the next topic if you want. 

Being raised in the church, serving the Lord was a normal thing we did. When I accepted the call to vocational ministry in 1978, I moved to Dallas Texas to begin my undergraduate work at Criswell College. I joined Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Dallas and immediately found a place of volunteer service. I helped with their bus ministry. It was in this place of service I met a young lady named Pamela. While in school, doing volunteer service at RBC and trying to win over Pamela, I was hired as the part-time Youth Pastor and Music Minister of...

Central Baptist Church, Blooming Grove, TX

I drove from Dallas and back on the weekends. It was just over an hour drive to this small farm community. The town had just over 200 in population. Neil Rogers was the Pastor.

It was here I honed my skills in choir directing and organizing worship time to support the message the Pastor was bringing.

This was a great work and I still connect with some of my youth group on FB. We loved this little town so much, we actually moved there when our boys were small to save money. We were young and married and in love and broke. 

I thank God for CBC and the Haggard family who took me in as their own, every weekend. This was a good place for God to start my vocational, hands-on, training.

This is where my paid ministry began. It wasn't much but the experience was the payoff. 

From this ministry, shortly after I got married... God brought me back to Dallas to focus on my new wife and school I began a part-time ministry at...

Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Dallas Texas

This is the church I was attending when I accepted the call to Central Baptist above. This is the church that holds many special memories for Pamela and I. We met here... married here... baptized our boys here and served here on staff on two different occasions.

We have so many stories of our lives while at RBC, we will share those over coffee. We have seen God work in ways, that only He gets the credit and praise. RBC is in a new season of its life. The neighborhood has changed and our prayer is that they will continue to impact their local neighbors with the good news of Jesus.

I first served as the Part-time Pastor of Youth and Youth Music. I was still a student at Criswell College. Later, after returning from Nigeria, I served as their Interim Pastor. The Pastor at the time I first served was Thomas Rector. I am so grateful to so many members of RBC, especially Vivian Maness and my close friend - Pete. Church family is important and memories and love for each other is needed.

The people of RBC loved us and carried us in their prayers and hearts. When it was time to go to seminary, we followed God's call to move 1/2 way across the US to North Carolina to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forrest. We took a detour to Wilmington, DE to help my dad in his church for the summer. This is when we served the Lord at North Baptist (we will pick up there next time).


Living away from family and friends is difficult for most. One of the things that bring stability to life is family... A place to call home... A place you can go, kick back, relax and unwind... A place where God fills a gap made by living abroad. EBCI is a place that offers that home away from home atmosphere. EBCI is a place you can do more than meet once a week but get together during the week and "Do Life Together" with those who also need a place to call home while in Dubai. We are more than a location or building... we are a people who love others and love to see God add brothers and sisters to His family.

Your Pastor is like that weird uncle who tells stories that don't make sense but you know he loves our God and His people.

Come join us at EBCI... I know you will like what you find.

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