Thursday, April 26, 2018


* Are you praying about who to invite?
* Are you ready to start a conversation with the person you want to invite?
* Are you looking beyond those who attend elsewhere and seeking the unchurched?

Friend Day is a month away, so you need to begin thinking of and praying for that one person or family you want to bring to church with you on the 26th. A goal of 400 persons meeting for worship has been set. Help us meet that goal. You need to make the commitment to have someone by your side that day who is in need of a church home and possibly an eternal relationship with Jesus. On this Saturday service coming up, I will be speaking from Daniel 3 on the subject of "Even if." The message is being developed currently and the Lord brought this to me from our Monday LifeGroup (where we are studying the book of Daniel) and from Mercy Me's song - "Even if." If you are unfamiliar with this song you can check it out below.

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EBCI is the best church to be involved in within the UAE. You will not find the dynamics we offer anywhere else. We are large enough to have the strong ministries needed and small enough to be personal to all who come. Much of this reality is due to the heart of love the people of EBCI have for others.

Thomas Adewumi International College
Oko, Kwara State, Nigeria

When God called us away from RKBC, He placed us in a remote area of Nigeria. He called me to be the first Principal of a startup Christian boarding school. I was as new to being a school principal as Dr. Adewumi was as building and operating a school (this is part of his testimony). His great advantage was he was a sharp businessman and understood the principles of having a strong business plan. These skills came in handy as we forged forward to see this school come to life. The school has continued and is now a coveted school to attend and graduate from. We started with 13 students and they now enroll around 500. I have been back on several occasions and hope to return again in the future.

The picture above is of the schools chapel. This was built many years after I left. It is a beautiful building, as the whole school complex is an amazing place where God gets the credit for its success.

There are many stories that could be shared but they will need to be done outside of a letter. Pamela also has many stories which are personal to her and times of God building our lives for greater use.

I thank God for Dr. Adewumi. We have stayed in contact and I consider him a friend and a mentor. The picture here is of myself and Dr. Adewumi when I was in Nigeria for Kehinde's wedding reception. This is a simple photo which I cherish.


On Saturday, we will be digging into the fifth chapter of Jeremiah. This chapter begins with similarities to a familiar historical event. Genesis 18 gives us the story of Abraham seeking God to withhold His judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah if 50 righteous could be found. This conversation was lengthy and Abraham got to if 10 righteous could be found. In the Genesis account, God said yes to Abraham's request but 10 could not be found. He did spare Lot and his family.

You do not want to miss this week's message and see the challenge from Jeremiah on how we are to see the world around us. I have titled the message - Stop. Look, and Listen. Take time to read all of chapter 5 but read and re-read vv. 1-5. Ask God to speak to you and show you the depths of his truth in these verses.

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