Thursday, April 12, 2018



Maybe the above title question seems odd. Maybe a common thought on such a subject is more like... I don't think that way, so I doubt it.

Let me give an opinion. I would be surprised if someone among us did not measure their blessings in some fashion. Have you ever and any time recently asked something to the effect of, "Why didn't I get that?... How come they have more than I do?... Why am I the one always getting sick?... " when you see someone else get something or see others doing better. Our kids might do this when they see something they want and let you know by saying, "Well ______ has one... _____'s parents let them do it..." I confess I have done this. Much more inwardly then by outward action. Jealously can be a sign of us measuring blessings.

Why do we, as followers of Christ do this?

The simple answer is we forget how blessed we are and that the God who forever saved us meets all of our needs. We get focused on what we want and makes us feel good about us here and now instead of then and there. We trade our eternal blessings for that which are temporal.

I want for my life, to live knowing in all things good or bad that I am blessed beyond measure. God even spoke to this to remind us that we are not to chase the things of others but the things of God.

Matthew 5:4 ...He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.
I ask myself... How dare I question the motives, blessing, and gifts of God, thinking I deserve more than what He gives me already? How dare I think I deserve better? How dare I look at my situation and get disappointed because it doesn't have the outcome I want? How dare I think that this world and that God ought to revolve around me... my desires... my selfishness... my life.

Lord - Forgive me for such thinking and acting on such thinking. If it is Your will that all things be calm and fitting to my way of thinking, thank You... BUT... God, I understand You have every right to not bless me at all. You have every right to put me where You want me to be. Help me see Your will in these things. Help me accept Your will, even when I do not understand. Help me to praise You regardless of my circumstances. Help me to seek You daily for help instead of blessings. Help me to see that Your help is the blessing I need. Give me the heart you talk about in Phil. 4:11 - I have learned to be content (satisfied) whatever the circumstances.



I do not know what your plans are for tomorrow morning but I encourage all of the men who are in town to join us at 8 AM for a great time of fellowship and food. I am bringing Jimmy Dean Sausage biscuits. They will be made as much like the American way as I can with the limited resources on biscuits I can find. I have plenty of the Jimmy Dean sausage. If this is something unknown to you... join us at 8 am and get a taste of the southern Provence of heaven. We will be having the Executive Chef of one of the premier hotels sharing his testimony tomorrow. We are a blessed people. Make plans now to get up and get out for this morning time of fellowship.


This has been a great week in God's Word as I prepared this week's message. I started out trudging through all the backsliding pronouncements of the Israelites. I found myself saddened by their rebellious and selfish hearts. I saw the reality of my life easily going there if I am not careful. I focused in on v, 15 and even wrote about it in a previous email. I was convinced that this one passage was where God was taking me for my next message. Though God spoke to me greatly about that one verse, He gently moved my heat to v. 23. These past few days God has proven His goodness to me and has brought encouragement where needed. He has given me some fresh thoughts about the tomorrows and has, once again, proven Himself to be the God I need... the One True God of heaven and earth.


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